Letters on the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill

On this site you will find letters to and from M.P.s for Colchester, Clacton, Witham, Harwich & N.E. Essex concerning the CEE Bill (it was to have been put before Parliament again in March 2021, but the Government has halted Private Members’ bills). Here are resources and tips to help you write to your M.P. yourself and tell them it can’t wait another six months….

We are attempting dialogue with our elected representatives about the most important question of our time – will there be a human future, or will the Climate Emergency take all hope from our children and grandchildren?
Ask your M.P. to support the CEE Bill – its second reading should have been in March 2021.

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We’ve written some incredibly strong letters to support the CEE Bill, and the more you add the better, to convince the lawmakers!

Are you one of our M.P.s?

You did not vote for the CEE Bill. Your stock replies are on this website. Please think again – think harder than ever.

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Open Letter to Colchester

Sent to the Evening Gazette in January 2021 Dear residents of Colchester, A very important Private Members Bill is awaiting review in March in the Houses of Parliament – the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill. This was presented to MPs last year to set out an emergency plan for the UK to follow whilst…

“So many things are impossible just as long as you don’t realise they’re a matter of survival.”