Letter writing tips and points

You don’t have to follow every one of these!

  1. Say who you are and whether you have been in touch before.
  2. Be polite and to the point.
  3. Give your address (to show you are in their constituency and ensure they get back).
  4. Explain why the climate and ecological emergency is so important to you.
  5. Mirror their language, frame it in terms of what your MP cares about.
  6. State why you think they should support the CEE bill. This might be because passing the CEE bill ensures that:
    1. our entire carbon footprint is taken into account (including all of the emissions linked to the production and transport of goods from overseas that we consume in the UK;
    2. we don’t depend on technology (NETs) to save the day as an excuse for inaction;
    3. we focus on nature as much as climate, protecting and conserving habitats in the UK and internationally on supply chains;
    4. citizens are central to deciding how to move forward, in a Citizens’ Assembly with real teeth.
  7. Ask them specific questions (they almost have an obligation to reply to individual constituents’ questions!)
  8. Ask them to support the bill and to support a second reading on the 26 March. (We have been given a second reading date of 26 March. The likelihood is that this version of the CEE Bill won’t be high enough on the list of PMBs set to be discussed that day. BUT: this is still a crucial marker in the life of the Bill and we need to recruit as many MPs to support before then so we can ask, ‘Why was this bill not given priority?’)

Do inform us of any responses you receive by getting in touch: climateletters2020@gmail.com