The standard M.P.’s reply and how to challenge it.

Takeaways from the standard letter sent by Bernard Jenkin, Giles Watling and Will Quince (things to use and challenge them with):

Yet: since they did not draft the reply, the most effective thing might not be arguments, but numbers: see here for tips on replying to the stock letter. 

These M.P.’s replies are identical but for one tiny deviation in Giles Watling ‘s first sentence.

Bernard Jenkin’s reply to J.W. Will Quince’s reply to E.V. Giles Watling’s reply to R.D.

  • He claims to care: “Let me be clear: tackling climate change is a priority for me and my Ministerial colleagues.”
  • He thinks pushing for net zero by 2030 rather than 2050 is “almost certainly impossible, hugely disruptive and risks undermining consensus”.
  • He believes “getting to net zero by 2050 is (…) consistent with avoiding most damaging climate change.”
  • He is sceptical to the usefulness of CAs: “I do not believe citizens’ assemblies have advantages over conventional policy making in this context. Previous experiences in Canada, for instance, included citizens in the decision-making process but they failed to produce impactful or long-lasting results.”
  • He seems to think the government is already dealing sufficiently with the climate emergency, e.g. “I do not believe that it is required as work is already underway.”
  • He writes that the Bill as been drafted “by campaign members of Extinction Rebellion, Big Ask and Power for the People”. Worth stressing wide range of support (for instance R.D.’s “The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill has been drawn up by a collaborative team with input from lawyers and eminent climate scientists.”)

It’s a Numbers Game –

Please take 5 minutes to write to your MP

The CEE bill is a Private Members’ Bill written by scientists, lawyers and activists. It has support from a broad range of campaign groups, businesses, charities, individuals and, at present, 81 MPs. The bill has the potential to become the most significant move forward since the Climate Change Act 2008 (also a PMB), but to achieve this, we need everyone’s help lobbying our MPs. This is a numbers game(!) so please take five minutes to write to your MP, put up a CEE bill poster. We know time is precious, so here are some resources you can use depending on your time:

If you only have 2-5 minutes

Print or copy this template (remember to add their name and your signature) and send it to your MP. Emailing might be easier, but printing and sending it in the post is more effective. (Scroll down for contact details).  

If you have Twitter: Send the following tweet (or equivalent) to your MP (@bernardjenkin; @willquince; @GilesWatling; @pritipatel): Please will you support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill? This is a desperate planetary crisis, and the UK has a responsibility to do more. Make the CEE bill law #CEEbill #ActNow #CitizensAssembly #savetheplanet via @CEEbill_NOW

If you have 20-30 minutes

Draft your own letter and email or (preferably) post it to your MP. Individually drafted letters are more effective than mass letters. Don’t worry too much about the length or content – this is a numbers game more than an arguments game, so even a few lines or a post card are great.

If you have 30 minutes: Call your MP and ask them to support the Bill. Contact details:

  • Bernard Jenkin – Conservative Member of Parliament for Harwich and North Essex:; House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, 020 7219 4029
  • William James Quince – Conservative Member of Parliament for Colchester –; House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, 020 7219 8049
  • Giles Watling – Conservative Member of Parliament for Clacton-on-Sea –; House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, 0207 219 0795
  • Priti Patel – Conservative Member of Parliament for Witham –; House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA  0207 219 3528

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