G.W. to Bernard Jenkin

7 January 2021

Dear Mr Jenkin

The Climate and Environmental Emergency Bill

I am writing as a constituent and a very worried grandmother to ask you to support this bill which I believe is vital in order to meet the targets necessary to avoid a catastrophic future for our planet.

I acknowledge that there have been some pioneering actions by previous governments and these must continue. Cop 26 is coming soon and we need to lead the way in showing our understanding of the seriousness of the situation. We must insist that the world must keep global warming below what scientists are calling the tipping point of 1.5 degrees centigrade to avoid catastrophic events occurring. This cannot be achieved by setting a target for 2050.

You say that aiming for 2030 would cause too much upheaval but, as can be seen from the response to Covid restrictions, people react well to emergencies. A Citizens Assembly would mean people were well-informed and would feel part of the process. The scientific evidence is overwhelming that urgent action is needed and Cop 26 in Glasgow is the chance for this government to take the lead and insist that 2050 is too late.

You say that the government has a good record on climate change but the report from the Committee on Climate Change in June stated that the Government was only on track with 4 of the 21 key indicators of progress towards meeting carbon budgets. This shows that the Government is not even on track to meet carbon zero by 2050.

This is quite shocking to me. The passing of this Bill would give people a lot more hope that this Government is serious in its commitment to tackling this issue and not merely paying lip service. This is an existential crisis and needs to be treated as such by everyone.

I look forward to your change of heart in light of irrefutable evidence.

Yours sincerely