J.W to Bernard Jenkin – 29 August

Dear Bernard

The Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill – request for your support 

I’ve written to you numerous times over many years on climate and environment related issues.

I now have two grandchildren [….] and with the UK government’s current 2050 target for net zero they certainly do not have a rosy future.

There is just time for the UK and other governments to step up, listen fully to the science and sieze the opportunity to turn our planet destroying way of life around.

The CEE Bill will ensure swift, sufficient and fair action to stand a chance of protecting life on earth by urgently restoring biodiversity and drastically reducing emissions. Covid has proved that with the political will, anything can be achieved – there can be no more excuses or delaying tactics or crossing fingers for future tech fixes.

A strong message from a post-Brexit UK will be ground breaking and inspiring to other nations.

With your support for this bill you will be ensuring the best possible chance of a long and healthy life for […] and all our citizens.

I look forward to your promise of support for this Bill, and being able to look my grandchildren in the eye and know their future is in safe hands.