L.B. to Sir Bernard Jenkin

L.B.’s email to Bernard Jenkin – 31st October. The Right Honourable has still not replied.

Dear Sir Bernard,

As one of your constituents, I am writing to ask you to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.

 The question is not whether there is an emergency: it is the nature and seriousness of it.

You might say that the Government has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, and that an earlier date would be difficult or divisive to deliver.

But I am not alone in believing that 2050 would be disastrously too late, and that the date 2030 is our only hope. Quoting from www.ceebill.uk : “The drafting of the CEE bill gratefully acknowledges the expert contributions and insights of:

  • Professor Kevin Anderson (University of Manchester, Energy and Climate Change)
  • Dr. James Dyke (University of Exeter, Global Systems)
  • Dr. Charlie Gardner (University of Kent, Conservation Science)
  • Prof. Dave Goulson (University of Sussex, Biology – Evolution, Behaviour and Environment)
  • Prof. Tim Jackson (University of Surrey, Ecological Economist)
  • Dr. Joeri Rogelj (IPCC report lead author, Grantham Institute for Climate Change)
  • Prof. Graham Smith (University of Westminster, Centre for the Study of Democracy)
  • Mr. Robert Whitfield (former Senior Vice President of Airbus Industrie)

Also as contributors are legal experts Caroline Egan (retired solicitor), Vivek Kumar (Barrister), and Andrew Boswell (independent environmental consultant)

With further thanks to Dr Scott Archer-Nicholls (University of Cambridge, Centre for Atmospheric Science); Jefim Vogel (PhD candidate in Ecological Economics at the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI)); and Dr Jordan Raine”

This should not be  a party political matter: it is about the survival of all of us and our children and grandchildren, and about the duty of the Government and members of parliament to protect people. The inclusion of a Citizen’s Assembly might be a sticking point for you: in which case, I would ask you, would you please press for an earlier net zero carbon emissions date than 2050 in any case? The scientific case for the necessity of doing it by 2030 is very strong.

In the adverse economic conditions that have come about with the pandemic, the strategies for economic recovery should more than ever be for a way out of the carbon emitting economy, and for investment in green energy and green endeavour of all kinds. Action, not lip-service, will bring about net-zero emissions and even, perhaps, better measures of success than GDP – health and happiness.

With best regards,