L.C.’s letter to Will Quince

Dear Will,

I have corresponded with you many times over recent years regarding important environmental issues and having seen your voting record in parliament regarding climate and biodiversity (0 votes for and 13 votes against measures to prevent climate change between 2016 -2020). I am writing to you at this time to appeal to you as a father to consider what kind of future you envisage for your children? Personally I do not have children of my own but I have two step children and it’s their secure and healthy future I am campaigning for.

According to recent evidence the climate crisis is closer and more disastrous than originally indicated. We have seen major forest fires in most continents, permafrost, Arctic and Antarctic ice melting more rapidly; in other words the tipping points have been reached and are spiralling.  Scientists are also telling us that the current pandemic is just another symptom of climate and ecological breakdown.  The facts are that global emissions are currently leading us (you, me and our families) towards a catastrophic 3°C of warming. 

I believe that the future for our children is unbelievably bleak, for example; despite being the first major economy to pass net zero carbon emission laws, current UK targets for net zero CO2 by 2050 are woefully ineffective; scientific data shows that well before then we will be subject to catastrophic climate events. If this were not bad enough The Institute for Government clearly states that the UK government is not on target for its 4th (2023-2027) and 5th carbon budget (2028 – 2032)!  

My fears are also founded on solid evidence that past and current environmental legislation and protocols have somehow led to a rapid and serious degrading of our green spaces, air and biodiversity in the last 30 years rather than its improvement and protection. With this in mind I am writing to you to ask you to support the forthcoming Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill.  

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill has been drawn up by a collaborative team with input from lawyers and eminent climate scientists.  It offers a clear vision and strategy to help the Government contribute to its fair share of limiting global warming, and starting to restore biodiversity and ecosystems.  It calls for deliberative democracy to secure public engagement and support for this huge task. 

In the coming couple of years the UK has an opportunity to really lead the way with regard to reducing climate and biodiversity crimes. Surely for the sake of those who come after us it is time to put our selfish desires and quest for endless development and progress to bed and recognise that we as part of the web of life must respect our home, not plunder and destroy it for short term gain. Surely it is criminal to kill others by expanding polluting activities and as criminal to not pay for its reparation and climate adaptation. 

As Alok Sharma is President of COP26, the UK government has pledged to provide climate leadership and to set an example to encourage other countries to raise the ambition of their climate targets.  Our Government must lead a global work stream on ensuring an inclusive and sustainable recovery from Covid-19. That is what they promised the UN. I am asking you please as my MP to insist that they do this.

You can find the Bill, relevant information and a short video at www.CEEBill.uk

I would be very grateful if you could please tell me as soon as possible

   a) if you will support calls for this Bill to have its 2nd reading this year

   b) if you will support the Bill. 

Thank you for considering this.